Motorsport licensing solution

For ASNs and governing bodies. Streamline your process for licence applications and easily issue attractive digital licences via mobile app or digital wallet.

Every member has their own in-app profile to manage their world of motorsport, including club renewals and participation history.

The system includes member management (CRM) and optional modules for vehicle management and event management.

Everything you need

​​Transform your motorsport organisation with this turnkey solution. It includes modules for licence applications, payments, licence approvals or suspensions, digital licence (mobile app or digital wallet), event permit application workflow, event entry system, race day check-in, vehicle scrutineering, safety inspections and more.

Spend less time on administration and more time on what you love - the thrill of motorsport.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Personal Profiles

Unique ID, Licence number and profile in App for each participant to self-manage.​​​​​​​


Digital Licence

Display your digital licence in your digital wallet or customised mobile app.


Event Management

One click to enter, then automatically appear in the Event database.


Member Management

One click to renew with your club, automatically adding to the national CRM.

Online Forms

Easily create unlimited web input forms with whatever questions you want.

Licence Look-up

Scan a digital licence or search for the competitor by name.

Online Payments

Accept payments via credit card or payment upon invoice.

Officials Mobile App

Sign in competititors, record safety audits, submit infringements and more.

Take the management of motorsport to the next level!

​​​​​​​​​Finally, a CRM solution that truly meets the needs of motorsport organisations. A central database of all licence holders, clubs and vehicles.

​​​​​​​Keep all contacts, notes, payments and activity records in one central place.  Easily sort, filter and communicate with your community.

The CRM updates automatically whenever participants or officials renew their digital licences or use them at events.


Improve the experience for your participants

A central place for competitors to:

  • ​​​​​​​Manage personal details

  • See, register, and enter upcoming events

  • View reminders

  • See history of past participation

  • Register vehicles, change ownership or simply link a vehicle to ‘borrow’

  • Apply for or renew digital licences and Club Membership​​​​​​​

Vehicle Management

  • Register vehicles or change ownership

  • View a digital logbook of each vehicle's history

  • Manage vehicle safety inspections

  • Manage applications for safety structures

  • Sign vehicles into events by scanning their QR code or doing a quick vehicle look-up

  • Perform scrutineering on race day

  • And much much more...

Traffic lights to show status

Improve safety on the track by preventing suspended drivers or vehicles from racing

An action needs to be taken before competitor or vehicle can race (eg pay outstanding fees)

Ready to race

*Traffic light rules can be customised to your unique requirements

Application and approval process for Event permits and competitor entries

  • Build your event permit application forms.

  • Easily add additional fields and services such as garage hire, merchandise and function tickets. 

  • Customise the Events Calendar for your event.

  • Filter on your events.

  • Let people easily enter your events online.

Streamline your Event sign in


  • Officials have the ability to quickly scan a digital licence or search for the competitor by name.

  • Sign in competitors, entrants and officials to events.

  • Vehicles safety audits and inspections done in real-time.

  • While at the event, officials can issue infringements, protests, injuries and vehicle technical inspections.

  • With all sign-ins done digitally, reporting is instant and easy.​​​​​​​

  • ​​​​​​​Everything updates live back to the CRM.

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Transform your motorsport organisation with this world-leading digital licencing solution.